Wednesday, 12 December 2012

GTA: Vice City now available for purchase!

Arguably the most beloved installment of the Grand Theft Auto franchise has been released for both Android and Apple devices today.

In 2002, whichever hemisphere of our beloved planet you called home, memories of sitting on your best friends couch as it rained outside, or relaxing inside as the heat slow-cooked your insides, are most likely paired with memories of the first time you were a Miami bound gangster, slicing, dicing, shooting and performing hundreds of illegal road maneuvers.

This is probably the game that turned you from a normal, functional member of society, to a bedroom bound video game nerd for the years following.

For those of you who's dear consoles passed long ago, or who's game discs died at the hands of that careless younger sibling, prepare yourself for a sun-soaked, bullet ridden reunion with Tommy Vercetti. This time, however, you can do it on the go.

The game is only available for mobile devices, and as such, some may curse the screen size restriction. However, for others, it will only better the experience, allowing you to indulge in the addictive recipe that only a developer like Rockstar  can cook up, wherever you may find yourself.

GTA: Vice City is not merely a port from it's console predecessor, instead, Rockstar Games have updated the visuals and gameplay mechanics, keeping it in theme with Miami; revitalized and enhanced, but not quite surgically.

GTA: Vice City costs  (AU) $5 on both Google Play and the Apple Store.

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