Sunday, 16 December 2012

Gift ideas for that geeky girlfriend or byte-loving boyfriend.

It’s that time of the year again. You have someone that you need to buy a present for, but you've already exhausted every possible gift idea. He has enough aftershave, and she already has enough mango body butter to keep an army of women smelling fantastic.

If your significant other is a little on the geeky side, these gift ideas are likely to induce a “nerd-gasm”.

The Dark Knight Rises Trilogy

Whether you are a fan of the bat or not, this trilogy was amazing. Guys and girls alike will appreciate this trifecta of awesome. You can pick it up from JB-Hifi for $46.98.  

A new-release video game!

It’s been a good month for gaming, and an even better one for our wallets. There are a few great new releases on sale at the moment. If your significant other is into vehicular carnage, stuff a copy of Need for Speed: Most Wanted ($68 at EB Games) in their stocking. If they are into shooting stuff, drop them a Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 ($88 at EB Games) care package. If they are silent but deadly (in a good way), hit ‘em with Assassin’s Creed 3 ($59 at JB-HiFi) or Hitman: Absolution ($69 at JB HiFi).

E-Reader. Reading 2.0

This is a neat little e-reader from Yellowstone. With a 7-inch screen, voice recording, video playback and digital radio capabilities, it isn’t a bad deal for $59 (JB HiFi).

A voucher for their favorite time-wasting mechanism!

If they already have everything they could possibly need, you don’t know what they will actually like, or if you are just out of time – a voucher will never be an unwelcome gift. Whether it is for the Apple Store, Xbox Live or a subscription-based game, you’re sure to please. These kinds of vouchers can be used to buy other games or subscriptions, such as Xbox Live Gold. Check out if you want to save a few coins on Microsoft points.

Small gifts and stocking stuffers

These ideas are cool and inexpensive. If you’re looking for something little to add to a larger present, or if you are a little strapped for cash – these gift ideas are enough to "geek-out" on.

Super Mario “?” coin bank

Have them jumping with glee, like a little moustached plumber. It’s a coin bank replica of the famous “?” box in Super Mario – complete with sound. It’s only $15 from EB Games.

Sudoku puzzle cube

This gift might not be for everyone, but it is a pretty cool concept. $11.99 from

Star Wars lightsaber lamp

It’s a USB powered lightsaber that glows blue when plugged in. This will have any die-hard Star Wars fan foaming at the lips. Order it from for  $26.99!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Low cost, high tech.

It is perhaps one of the most welcomed children of the internet age. Gone are the days where one would run from store to store, bartering for the best deal, and subjecting yourself to long (and to those who are not quite tech-savvy, incomprehensible  spiels regarding value, price or why Mr. Jones’ store is better than Mrs. Smith's. Instead, the best deals can be found with a cup of coffee, a laptop and an internet connection.

Websites like Kogan offer high quality products, with cheap shipping costs, and often, good warranties.  These websites offer the everyday brands and products that you are familiar with; Samsung televisions, Sony DVD players, Apple iPads – all at a discounted price. However, the real bargains are to be found with products native to the websites themselves. Kogan branded televisions, for example, often contain the same insides as mainstream products, and sell for a fraction of the cost.

Physical stores have caught wind of the potential for online sales, too – which is only a good thing, as they need to remain competitive. JB HiFi dedicates a portion of their website to online-only sales, in their “factory-scoop” section. In addition, brands without an online presence sometimes utilize third party websites, such as Catch of the Day, Groupon, OurDeal, Cudo and the like. 

However: buy with caution!

The following are a few things to consider:

- Read. Know what you are buying, and what the purchase entails. Don’t buy anything without reading what the product is. Often the images used to advertise products online differ from what you are actually sent.

- Look for products on websites with good reputations. If you use Ebay, only buy from vendors with good reputations and positive comments. You can usually decipher the genuine comments or reviews, from the fake ones. Pay most attention to negative comments - they are usually the most accurate.

- Do not make purchases from look-alike websites. There are people in the world looking to make a quick buck. We call them con-artists. They exist online, too. Make sure you only make purchases from websites that you KNOW are legitimate.

Have you got a good bargain website? Have you grabbed any great deals, or have things gone wrong, and you've gotten more than you had bargained for? Leave a comment!

Here are the websites I've mentioned:

GTA: Vice City now available for purchase!

Arguably the most beloved installment of the Grand Theft Auto franchise has been released for both Android and Apple devices today.

In 2002, whichever hemisphere of our beloved planet you called home, memories of sitting on your best friends couch as it rained outside, or relaxing inside as the heat slow-cooked your insides, are most likely paired with memories of the first time you were a Miami bound gangster, slicing, dicing, shooting and performing hundreds of illegal road maneuvers.

This is probably the game that turned you from a normal, functional member of society, to a bedroom bound video game nerd for the years following.

For those of you who's dear consoles passed long ago, or who's game discs died at the hands of that careless younger sibling, prepare yourself for a sun-soaked, bullet ridden reunion with Tommy Vercetti. This time, however, you can do it on the go.

The game is only available for mobile devices, and as such, some may curse the screen size restriction. However, for others, it will only better the experience, allowing you to indulge in the addictive recipe that only a developer like Rockstar  can cook up, wherever you may find yourself.

GTA: Vice City is not merely a port from it's console predecessor, instead, Rockstar Games have updated the visuals and gameplay mechanics, keeping it in theme with Miami; revitalized and enhanced, but not quite surgically.

GTA: Vice City costs  (AU) $5 on both Google Play and the Apple Store.

What do you think about the game? Leave a comment!

For a full rundown on the game's updates, or to purchase, visit: